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Aug. 27th, 2008

I had five classes today...started at 8AM and finished at 9PM. Good news, though, they all seem pretty ok. Nice professors and minimal effort on my part. Most of them only have a few papers for the grades.

My Criminology prof said that people who walk in to class late should be stripped to the waist and flogged like mutinous sailors. No joke. He also said that math and engineering students have no sense of humor.


Oh, I met a nice girl today and invited her to go see Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst with me. Fun times!
Back in Nashville, eh.

Got all moved in and situated, but I *hate* where I have to park my car this year. It's all the way on the other side of 21st Ave across campus. Lame lame lame.

My room, though, is bigger than it was last year, and I got a cool lamp that I really like. I went to wal-mart today for groceries/supplies/things I can't really justify buying and spent 80 bucks.

I'm getting poorer and poorer by the day.

My classes start Tuesday, and I am in no way prepared to start playing that game again.

Mar. 14th, 2008

I got my tattooooo! I'd post pictures, but I left my camera card at home over spring break...which is SAD 'cause I was supposed to take awesome pictures of the last couple of Amnesty events.

Also got my nose pierced...but subsequently had to take it out. Long story, but I'm getting it re-done for FREE the next time I'm in Gulf Shores.

I think this has been the toughest week all semester. I'm beat.

And I'm expected to go out tonight? We'll see.

It's already midnight, yay for getting a late (early?) start.

Seriously, I might just die if Bonnaroo doesn't get here soon. :(

There are people I want to see, because I missmissmiss them and haven't seen them in *forever!* maria&katiefountain! Maybe soon?

You guys, Vanderbilt is for real laaaame and I'm out of smokes. &I'm sure the creepy man at the tobacco shack has closed up shop by now. Why do I have to smoke things I can't just go pick up at a gas station?

woeisme, etc.

I'm in love with this song right now. I guess there's no music vid, so sorry for the crappy live version. But listen anyway! Cause it's awesome, and I wouldn't want you to miss out on pure musical genius. Or hot English girls.

BTW Tabbi swearing off women was the best idea ever!

Ugh I don't want to go out tonight. Why did I volunteer to drive?
Because I have no foresight. That's why.
K, I wanna see this, even though SJP is in it.

and Maria, Chelsea, and I are mos' def going to the Roooooo!

update: wtf happened to my youtube? Green!?

Feb. 10th, 2008

So I really really really think I might have to fork over $250 and go to Bonnaroo this year, and here's why:

Jack Johnson, Kanye West, Metallica, Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Folds, M.I.A., Iron and Wine, Broken Social Scene, Against Me!, Tegan & Sara, Phil Lesh, Aimee Mann, Ladytron, Fiery Furnaces, Minus the Bear, Donovan Frankenreiter, Jakob Dylan, Vampire Weekend, !!!,

and...drumroll please...


And that's only to name a few. More acts are being added all the time!

I think it would be a sin for me not to be there.
Juno=fuckin' ace.

I came straight home and downloaded the soundtrack, which is also amazing.

Not only was that movie visually fantastic, but it had amazing music, too.

Seriously, it was probably one of the best (if not the best...) movie I've seen all year.

Totally worth the drive to Gulf Shores, which I think is the only place it's playing near here.

Dec. 16th, 2007

What IS this?

...lesbians are strange. Tabi and Alex are making my life HARD.

My punctuation skills are deteriorating. Hopefully not as evidenced here.
I almost don't want to go home, which is strange for me.

Jee-Eun (my partner in Arabic, the girl I've done all of the conversation projects w/), brought me a little Christmas present yesterday morning at the final. Just a Christmas card w/ a nice note and some candy. I barely know her. It's probably the nicest thing anyone's done for me in awhile.

Sometimes I wish I was thoughtful like that. But I know it'd make me feel weird. Even though it shouldn't. I hope she takes Arabic again next semester, but I didn't ask.

Actually, I didn't even know how to respond to what she did. Just said thanks, and I meant it of course, but everything on my side of life still feels somewhat superficial.

In other news, I'm fairly sure I'm never gonna get my hands on that Las Puertas album, which is BAD.

The Christmas season always makes me a little sad. It's hard for me to focus on the good side of everything, and instead I worry about how many Christmases will be left like this one, or the one before that, or the one before that, etc. And...I wonder how much, now that we're older, everyone is faking it. Or, how much am I faking it?

Ugh I'm in a strange mood. Hopefully I'll figure out how to just get over myself and do my history take-home final. :p
I've pretty much moved in and set up camp inside Panera this weekend. I spent almost six hours here yesterday, but I wrote three of the four papers I have due next week! The 8 page sociology paper on political mediation theory and the student led anti-sweatshop movement...6 page women's history paper on framing in the seventh women's rights convention in New York (honestly, not so easy to find relevant articles about a meeting that happened in a church in 1852!) , and finally the 10 page Asian philosophy paper on what Confucianism could offer today's society.

Whew. One more! 4 pages in Arabic...on whatever topic I know enough words to talk about. So that probably means classes, school, family etc, haha. Lame...but my vocabulary is weeeaaak.

And this Arabic paper is a lot harder to write than I thought it would be. I can't type in Arabic on my computer, so whenever I realize I need to add something in, I pretty much have to rewrite everything by hand.

Laaaame. I keep telling myself it'll be SO awesome when I can speak Arabic, though. I'mma do it!

Dec. 8th, 2007

Next week? NOO.

I've got four final papers due this week. Geology and Social Movements finals on the 15th(yeahsaturdayiknow.) Take home final for Sex, Race, and Gender in Early America due next Monday...and Arabic next Tuesday!

Aaaagh I really just don't wanna do any of it. I told myself I was gonna go camp out at Starbucks for awhile and crank out an Asian Philosophy paper...but idk if that'll actually happen. There's still time, I guess. But! ReAnne wants to watch America's Next Top Model marathon and that sounds SOOO much better.

Jeff was here Thursday night and last night, so that was...different. I took him to the airport this morning, and just got back to my room.

If I can just make it until the end of my Arabic exam next Tuesday, everything will be ok. I'll get to go home (swinging through B'ham to visit Miz Fountain of course) and then Christmas and New Year's and lotsandlots of vodka I'm sure...and then start everything over again on Jan. 9th.

Hmm. Bittersweet, I guess?
Ok, so seriously? This band? Lead singer sounds like Jenny Lewis's long lost twin sister. And the red hair, too! Just kill me now. I'm in love all over again.

The Eames Era! (from Baton Rouge!?)

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